Christina Gustafsson was born in Värmland, Sweden, in 1970. She grew up on a little farm with her daddy, sister and brother. Jazz music came into her life early through an inspiring teacher who introduced her to jazz from around the world. At the age of 15 she went to junior high school to study classical guitar, and when she was 16 she also started to sing.

Photo: Magnus Malmberg

Christina moved to Stockholm in 1989 and began to sing in different bands. Within a few years she was singing with many successful Swedish jazz stars, like Magnus Lindgren, Ronnie Gardiner, Bernt Rosengren, Karl-Martin Almquist, Jojje Wadenius and Rune Gustafsson.

In 1994-96 she moved to New York City to study at The New School of Music. She studied for Janet Lawson and Reggie Workman and she also started her own band and performed frequently in small jazz clubs on Manhattan.

When she returned to Sweden she attended the voice teacher program at The Royal Music College of Stockholm. Since then, she has been teaching and singing in different bands and has appeared as guest vocalist on different CD’s. She is also performing with her sister Rigmor who is a very well known vocalist in Sweden and Europe.

Christina released her debut album “Moments Free” (Prophone) in 2007, an album that received great reviews by the critics. All music on the record is written by Christina with the exception of ”Daydream” (written by John Sebastian). On her debut album she brought some of the most established musicians in Sweden.

The guitar players Max Schultz and Erik Söderlind complete each other with great sensitivity and represents a major part of the albums character. Together with Calle Rasmusson (drums) and Martin Höper (bass) they perform the songs with great sense of style and there is place for both blues and a more lyrical approach. Pianist Daniel Karlsson appears on four of the tracks and adds his incredible energy and an never ending well of imagination. Christina produced this album together with Magnus Lindgren.

Christina Gustafsson released her second album “My Move” (Prophone) in April 2009. Half of the tunes on this CD are written by herself with lyrics by Cecilia Åse, Helena Davidsson and Stefan Danielsson. The songs are rooted in jazz with influences from the American singer/songwriter tradition. The rest of the songs on the CD are Christina’s own arrangements of jazz standard favorites and the James Taylor’s hit “Your Smiling Face”. Co-producer is Pål Svenre, a well established name in Swedish popular music.

Together with her musicians, the same musicians as on the debut album, Christina established a personal sound which put her in the top of Swedish successful jazz singers.

Her third CD ”The Law Of The Lady” was released in November 2012 and once again she composed all the music herself with lyrics written by Cecilia Åse, Helena Davidsson and Stefan Danielsson. This time with a horn section playing arrangements made by Calle Rasmusson. The CD got great reviews and she’s been touring with her band a lot since the release.

In 2012 she received The Anita O’Day Prize for being among the elite of European jazz singers.