"My Move' is the follow-up album to the critically acclaimed, Moments Free. The new CD, entitled My Move, features the same band as her previous release did: Max Schultz (guitar), Eric Söderlind (guitar), Calle Rasmusson (drums) and Martin Höper (bass). Christina describes the music as being rooted in jazz and blues, with elements of the american singer/songwriter tradition.

1. Your Smiling Face (mp3)
2. Take a Fall (mp3)
3. My Move (mp3)
4. I've Got the World On a String (mp3)
5. Standing Where the Changes Begin (mp3)
6. Winter Has Gone (mp3)
7. Smile (mp3)
8. Happy Talk (mp3)
9. Stormy Weather (mp3)
10. In the Light of New York (mp3)
11. Smiling Hour (mp3)

"Moments Free" is Christina's long-awaited debut album. All songs but one are written or co-written by Christina and she is superbly backed up by her own band as well as the likes of Daniel Karlsson (piano), Per-Erik Domargård (vocals) and Magnus Lindgren (sax, clarinet, flute). Magnus has also produced the album together with Christina.

1. Moments free
2. In a crowd of a million (mp3)
3. This love (mp3)
4. Circles
5. A peaceful day
6. Daydream
7.What a waste (mp3)
8. How life fools me
9. Interlude
10. A broken heart
11. Don't be sorry
12. Something unexpected (mp3)
13. In the corner of my eye